I now feel I’ve done enough with the Plain background and want to move onto the next stage of the shoot which places Nick in a more natural background. I had noticed his bedroom had a workspace and also some nice light coming through the window so thought that would be a good location to use next.

I really liked the shape of the chair so incorporated it into the composition, only later did I realise it matches the colour of the curtains. I positioned the light (24″soft box) on the left.

I only took 15 shots of this set up, I felt that was enough and that it wasn’t quite working for me so moved Nick to the chair.

For this shot I moved the 24″ soft box to the right and let the window provide the backlight.

Very similar pose to the last shot with some subtle differences. I’ve changed the composition to clean up the clutter on the right hand side of the picture, toned down the light coming through the window and added a 12″ soft box on the left to make up for the reduced backlight coming through the window. I’ve taken about 30 shots with the 35mm lens and now it’s time for another lens change.



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