SIXTY MINUTES (Part 4, the last part of the shoot)

35 minutes into the shoot and I’ve changed from my 35mm lens to my favourite portrait lens, my 85mm F2.

Keeping the same light set up I take some upper torso shots before getting in real close

I’ve always loved portraits with a shallow depth of field, it’s that dreamy quality and the way the eyes grab your attention with nothing else to distract you.

Sticking with the 85mm I’ve moved back now for some more upper torso shots. This is not a commercial shoot so I have more time to experiment and play about with poses and compositions. This next photo illustrates how a small movement can change a photo.

I’ve moved to the right a bit so the side of the bedroom door is in the photo, this change has also allowed more of the window to be seen creating more depth than the previous photo. In a free flowing situation these decisions of composition are made on the spur of the moment, sometimes you don’t have the time to fully realise what you have until post production when you can analyse what you’ve taken in a more relaxed way.

We are 40 minutes into the actual portrait session and I’ve changed the 85mm for my 50mm for the last series of photographs. I tried a few more poses but started to feel I was repeating myself and had achieved everything I’d wanted from the shoot so called it a day at just about 50 minutes of session time and 170 exposures. All that was left was to pack up, thank Nick for his time and head home to process the images.

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