A new personal project

Because I worked Saturday photographing the football for the newspapers I was given Tuesday off in lieu. in 1993 a miners co-operative got together decided to reopen Monktonhall colliery ┬ájust outside Edinburgh. This seemed like a good second project to follow on from my ‘Life on the Tyne’ work so I approached them for permission to document their venture. They were very happy to let me take photographs and allowed me total excess to everywhere in the colliery including 3000 feet down onto the coal face.

Waiting for the shift to start

End of a shift

By the time I took this shot the miners had total trust in me and I became part of the background which allowed me to hang about for quite a while as these two guys chatted. This moment happened in the blink of an eye but I was ready for it and got the shot, just as well, it was the last frame on the roll of film!

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